Radio Corax: Struggling for Commons

This show sheds a view on transformations of public and shared spaces in Post-Socialist countries. It will explore how citizens experience ever-changing cities and present strategies of (re-)activating commons in the Ex-Yu Region and former Soviet Countries. 

Featuring conversations with:

–  Iva Čukić and Jovana Timotijević, co-publishers of “Spaces of Commoning. Urban Commons in the Ex-Yu Region”

– Joseph Sparsbrod (University Jena, DE) on the historic center of Tbilisi, Georgia

– Tinatin Gurgenidze (Tbilisi Architecture Biennial) on the district of Gldani in Tbilisi

– Mariya Petrova (TU Darmstadt, DE) on private housing and soviet modernization in Samarkand during UdSSR

Image: Ann Svanidze