Community Radio Tbilisi: Sound Postcards and Greetings from Tbilisi

Community Radio Tbilisi invited people from all over the world to participate in their collection of sound postcards.
Sound, which is an inevitable part of space, creates connections not only with a particular physical environment but also with associations, memories, feelings, experiences, imaginary, and thoughts.
Participants created sound works using various techniques to convey a shimmering and personal experience of a specific environment. Let’s listen and imagine all these places through sound.

Alëna Korolëva / Shadows of Mtatsminda – Music Lesson, Duck Tales
Katya Kan / Ode to Los Angeles
Lavoslava Benčić / Summer Seaguls sound
Elena Brea
Amanda Brannin / Summer evening postcard from Texas


Georgia Pazarloglou / Mortias
Özlem Uzun Hazneci/ “What would we do next mom?”
Jeff Gburek
Héctor Antúnez / SEÑALES de viaje
Peter Simon
Nino Davadze / From Tusheti

Neil Milton
Pavel Anpin / Day in Sololaki
Cat Woywod