Datscha Radio x Gabi Schaffner & Kate Donovan: Expedition on Air/Waste Culture

This broadcast comprises two different excerpts taken from Datscha Radio’s archives. In “Expedition on Air”, recorded in 2020 on occasion of the Firefly festival held on the 29th of August, Kate Donovan and Gabi Schaffner explore the unusual biotope of the water retention basin of the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. “Waste Culture” was recorded in Taiwan and formed part of a six-part broadcasting series focusing on issues of situated knowledge, art and ecology. It was organized during Schaffner’s residency at the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei in 2019. The excerpt focuses on the benefits of Taiwan’s municipal garbage collecting system, starting with Taiwan’s probably best known tune, “For Elise” by Beethoven, that is being used as the “trash car anthem”.

Credits Expedition on Air: Kate Donovan with Gabi Schaffner. Editing: Gabi Schaffner.
Credits Waste Culture: Gabi Schaffner with Margaret Shiu, Hauyu Yang, Mark van Tongeren,  Yu Li, et al.
Both: Datscha Radio 2020, 2019