Radio ARCADA #3: Emilio De la Cerda “The Sound of the New-Chilean Law of Heritage” [Spanish]

Emilio De la Cerda Errázuriz is Secretary of Cultural Heritage for the Chilean Government. We have talked to him about sound heritage, especially in relation to the new law implemented in Chile. Then, if sound is a kind of immaterial heritage, what kind of participation processes have followed on the new law of heritage? Along the process to redact this new law, what kind of conflicts were between very diverse communities and interests involved, like carcalaims of indigenous Mapuche communities, human rights violations during Pinochet dictatorship and memory sites, among others? And finally, in the field of material heritage, what about the riots of last Oct 18th 2020? How many churches can be burned now? Does the text of this new law care about this kind of historical heritage? 

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