Radio ARCADA #6: Jacob van Rijs “Common Dwelling by MVRDV” with Moletto and Paula Velasco

Almost one year ago, when Santiago was on fire, we had a conversation with Jacob van Rijs’. Now the entire world is going through some big changes. So today, we ask Jacob van Rijs’, Alberto Moletto and Paula Velasco how they feel about this last year of revolutions? The actual question is again: How dense are our cities today? The lack of state regulation results in chaotic urban growth. Rotterdam shows some virtuous ways of developing urban projects in different scales. What about Santiago de Chile? Dramatic deregulation speeds up the urban sprawl which, in addition to inequality of wealth distribution, discrimination and a long etcetera, results in a critical city segregation – that will be the topic of this passionate conversation. Can we develop dwelling projects in city downtowns today? Let’s find out!

Professor Jacob van Rijs Ir. FRIBA is an architect, urban planner and one of MVRDV’s three founding partners. Paula Velasco and Alberto Moletto are architects AA-MSc based in Santiago.

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