Radio ARCADA #14: Petra Matic and Zuzanna Zgierska: “New Common Sound Designers”

In the current episode of the Sound of The Cities, The Arcada Boys speak with Petra Matić and Zuzanna Zgierska. Petra, a native of Zagreb, tells us about her participation in the project ‘Nikola Tesla – Migrant’ and what is (not) going on in her city today. On the other side, Zuzanna -based in Den Haag- explains the difficulties to make a physical exhibition during times of pandemics and the current distortion of time and space in how we stage design. In the second part of the podcast, they speak about their participation in BIO 26 ( 26th Design Biennale of Ljubljana) with the project DELO LAB, tackling the topic of the crisis of information and media discontent. During the conversation, a question arises: Is it possible to look into the past in order to re-think the future?