Common Waves is an international radio collective that works mostly project based. We produce and curate interviews, documentaries, sound art and DIY radio formats.

We believe in the power of independent radio to voice diverse perspectives and promote experimental approaches – even more so in international cooperations. This is why our collective is formed by various community and artist radios, podcasters and individuals.

Common Waves has been launched during Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020. Along the theme of the Biennial “What do we have in common” we explored the different layers of common spaces – public, collectively organised or imagined spaces of community.

How do we share spaces? What defines the public areas around us? How are they built and what do they sound and look like? Do they serve the needs of communities or individuals, companies or states? Who decides how we move and act in our cities? How can we design open spaces that allow creativity and diversity?

Our answers to these questions are artistic, activist, professional, transdisciplinary, historical, local, global, subversive or emotional.

At the moment we are working on a new broadcast series… Stay tuned!

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Ute Seitz/ Project Coordinator

Community Radio Tbilisi
Radio Arcada
Radio Corax
… and other contributors

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