The CLAIMING*SPACES Collective is a bottom-up group of students, graduates, teachers and researchers at TU Wien which seeks to foster intersectional feminist perspectives in architecture and spatial planning.

It was founded in 2019 on the initiative of Inge Manka to curate and organise the first CLAIMING*SPACES Conference that dealt with the following questions:

→ How can mechanisms of exclusion be uncovered and deconstructed? → How can feminist architecture/ planning/research be brought into the main discourse as a productive implicitness? → How can discriminating forms of knowledge production and historiography be questioned, newly phrased and done differently? → How can feminist vocational practices induce much needed changes in planning and building?


Community Radio Tbilisi is an online radio station focused on cultural and social life in Georgia. It has been established as an open platform for experiments, communication and connections between different fields. Community Radio Tbilisi wants to encourage, entertain, enrich, to inform listeners, to support new talents and entrepreneurs.

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Community Radio Tbilisi

In a world of changing climate conditions Datscha Radio examines how art and economy, sound and ecology can be communicated on a sustainable, sharing basis.

Datscha Radio is a mobile, site-responsive transmission project maintained and organized by Gabi Schaffner in collaboration with local and digital networks of sound (and radio) artists, gardeners, scientists and DIY people. Datscha Radio uses “the garden” as both metaphor and method to organize knowledge and different (cultural) concepts of growth. Datscha Radio Berlin is realised by Kate Donovan, Helen Thein, Niki Matita and Gabi Schaffner. 

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Dublin Digital Radio is a listener funded internet radio station and community. Founded in 2016, ddr aims to provide a platform for the underserved and the underrepresented in the Irish media landscape. ddr is an open, inclusive and diverse community where differing points of view and opinions are respected and where discrimination and hate are rejected.

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GERÄUSCHKULISSE is a collective based in Leipzig, Germany that organizes gathered listening events, exchange between listeners and creators, and workshops in the fields of sound and radio art.

La Pesch: a sound and voice artist based in Leipzig who works in the fields of radio, composition, performance, and installation with a keen interest in human-environment relations and boundaries.

JD Zazie: a sound artist based in Berlin who works with turntables, field recordings, and modulations with a strong fascination for trains and cities as places for encounter.

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What did you have for breakfast this morning? How’s your day looking? Whats the meaning of life? At Good Times Bad Times we want to talk about the most menial of subjects and how we live today. Together Jack, Kirsten and Ben, explore how to spend time in this precarious world and reflect on what we can do to enjoy the Good Times and make it through the Bad Times.

Good Times Bad Times is a community radio station at Pension Almonde in Rotterdam. We host a show whilst also encouraging and facilitating other residents of the Pension to host their own shows.

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Karen Werner is a U.S. radio artist and sociologist living in Bergen, Norway, where she is an artistic research fellow at The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD). Werner’s radio art has been broadcast on community and public radio stations in North America, Europe and Australia and has been part of numerous live events and exhibitions. Her art has been supported by Tonspur Kunstverein Wien, Kone Foundation, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, Wave Farm and the Hemera Foundation.


Nicolas Montgermont is a sound and radio artist. For more than 15 years,  he has been designing artistic devices that explore the poetic essence of waves… and is currently developing a work on the links between radio-art and politics. He makes sound performances, installations, records and compositions, alone or in collaboration and participates in several sound and radio creation collectives (∏node, Yi King Operators, les Sons Fédérés, Jef Klak, l’Acentrale). His projects have been shown internationally in many art centers, museums, concert halls and self-managed venues. He teaches sound and multimedia creation at the ENS Louis Lumière and at Paris 8. 

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POLIGONAL — Office for Urban Communication, founded in 2018 by Christian Haid and Lukas Staudinger and is based in Berlin. Focusing on the city’s architecture, on urban development, and on social dynamics, both contemporary and historically, POLIGONAL provokes new ways to observe, think about and experience the city. Their research is intertwined with curatorial projects, organised tours, workshops and audio walks. In unconventional urban journeys the city’s complex and interconnected layers get unpeeled and lively debates are encouraged.

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Soundwalk I, Soundwalk II 
info(at) is an online platform initiated by pub.sandberg that serves as a channel for the Sandberg community to share and communicate during times of isolation. While separated, we want to feel each other, beyond the screen or melting its surface to bring us closer, just like a bright, silvery mist. Chatting in the canteen, reading sessions in the library, radio streamings for withdrawal, and monologues for learning about togetherness will happen.

PUB is a trans-departmental initiative funded and run by students of the Sandberg Institute. Establishing a publishing practice at the University, PUB functions as a hub and a platform to identify interdisciplinary connections and accelerate collaborations amongst students, alumni and third parties. PUB’s channels include radio, Tv, PUBcast, website, Type Lab, Journal, and publishing sessions.

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Q-o2 is an arts laboratory for experimental music and sound art. Since 2006, the organisation has its own space in the Brussels canal zone. Q-o2 organises residencies for artists, focussing on artistic research and reflection over the production of finished works. The public output of this research takes a variety of forms including showings, concerts, thematic projects, symposia, publications, workshops, and the annual festival Oscillation.

Q-o2 practices collaborative and transversal methods, and welcomes cross-overs into other disciplines, and various urban and social contexts, as well as collaborations with both local and international partners.

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Global Pandemic created a big chaos in the world making us re-orientate our existing practices and think of other ways of coming together. This is an occasion not to postpone our desire and need to connect, share, to spread the love we have, listen and think with each other. It’s always an urgency to be with others and we can’t do without it. We will transmit, mutate and regenerate.

Radio Antenna is made by artists and friends, created and dedicated to imagining and experimenting with communication through sound in between backyards, districts, cities, Neighborhood of Caucasus and the rest of the world.

Simultaneous radio streaming will give a possibility to listen and even mix different channels based on impromptu mixing idea, to create your own audio experience. Platform is open for collaboration with other initiatives from all over the world. 

Radio Antenna broadcasts on topics of Education / Ecology and Environment / Changes / Art / Future Visions / etc.

Radio Team: Aleksi Soselia /Mariam Kuprashvili / Mary Mikaelyan

you want to participate with your ideas, please write us to:


In partnership and with support of Goethe – Zentrum Eriwan and Goethe-Institut Georgien.

Radio Aparat is an internet radio station founded in 2016, that broadcasts a 24/7 program from the garage of an old town house in Belgrade, Serbia. It is created as a local version of community radio, therefore meeting the needs and interests of local community, minority groups and independent culture workers. Among 60 or so (talk) shows we cover different topics concerning social activism from environmental issues, commons, small business initiatives, LGBT rights, as well as science, arts, theatre, film, sports, comedy. Music shows represent an eclectic selection of mostly non-mainstream artists and genres ranging from indie rock to jazz, electronic, world music with special support for the local and regional music scene.

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ARCADA is an architecture practice developing competitions, publications and streaming transmissions. Radio Arcada has interviewed outstanding architects and artists including Alfredo Jaar, Solano Benítez, Keller Easterling, Mark Whigley, OMA, Cecilia Puga, Smiljan Radic, MVRDV, among several others. Currently, ARCADA is editing a book with these interviews, while their work is presented in galleries, exhibitions, biennials and published in specialized magazines.

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Radio CORAX is a non-commercial local station broadcasting 24/7 on FM and livestream. As a community radio, CORAX operates with an emancipatory claim of social equality and individual freedom. The aim is to give all people access to radio in this sense. With about 100 regular transmissions and 300 radio-makers, Radio CORAX is the largest non-profit radio in Eastern Germany with long experience in hosting conferences, festivals and workshops.

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Radio Espacio Estacion ( is an online, nomadic, translingual radio station hosting marathon broadcast events about mobility and movement, while on the move. focuses on topics of transportation, migration, and climate transformation. Broadcasting music, sound, and conversation in English, Spanish, and the languages specific to each location, deploying a method of language integration rather than translation to compose in-situ sound portraits of transitions in time. 

On August 27th, curated a 24 hour marathon broadcast called WIRELESS, celebrating the 100 years of the first radio transmission with 24+ radios from across the world.

On Common Waves Radio we will feature a segment of Wireless, created by Chicoco Radio – a floating media platform being built with and for the residents of Port Harcourt’s waterfront community in Nigeria.

Radio Espacio Estación  Chicoco Radio

We are a decentralized Internet radio station
broadcasting live from the Yucatan Peninsula.

We encourage the creation and gathering of communities, privileging freedom of expression
and content experimentation.

Every house is a radio studio: a live essay.

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The project Grazer Soundscapes deals with the sonic living environment in the urban area of Graz, Austria. It is located at the interface between art and science and conducts participatory research with the people who know the city best: its inhabitants. A team of sound artists will sensitize people to their sonic environment through seven district centers as communicators. They will provide them with skills and tools that will enable them to actively participate in the documentation and design of the soundscape in their district.

Radio Helsinki is the community radio in Graz and is the owner of the project. 


radio in between spaces is dedicated to the interplay of sound, public and private space, artistic practice and activism. The new radio platform features sonic lectures, live performances, conversations, compositions, documentaries and audio plays. International sound artists and experimental musicians, philosophers and theorists, critics and journalists explore questions of foreignness and proximity, solidarity and dissonance, vibration and materiality, meaning and noise, permeability and resistance.

Sonic Perspectives from the Global South. Sounding Hospitalities. Time, Sound and Emancipatory Practices. Radio as Activism.

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Radio Panik is a community radio station based in Brussels. It was created in 1983 with the aim of looking for new ways of making radio. Volunteers with very different backgrounds find in Radio Panik a space of freedom to talk about subjects that would not find their place in more traditional media.

BNA-BBOT (Brussels Belongs To Us) collects voices, stories and sounds of the city in collaboration with residents since 1999 and keeps them in an online database and a soundmap accessible to everyone.

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Radio Orange 94.0 is Vienna´s community Radio founded right after a legal change on radio broadcast in Austria in 1998. Actually there are about 500 people voluntarily creating the program in approximately 160 series.
A Palaver – architecture on radio – was founded in 2002 by Bernhard Frodl and David Pašek as a spin off of a student conference at the technical university of Vienna called [changing strategies]. A Palaver acts as a platform for presenting ideas and approaches that are often too complex for the common media logics. So far 202 episodes have been aired – most of them in german.

A Palaver Radio Orange CBA 

Searching for chaos from the age of 12 onwards. Making trouble including festivals, music, performances, hacking public space, free radio since 1986.

Some say radio is the real time space for inviting nice people to nice moments. I think so too.

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Seyðisfjörður Community Radio sends out waves of poetic strangeness straight from the collective heartbeat of the life in the fjord. We have local tales and stories, concerts and poetry, interviews with all the wonderful people that come through the place and sounds from the endless archives.

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The Bridge Radio is an independent radio project created by migrants and non-migrants, who produce radio about migration, asylum and people’s movements. While staying critical towards the dominant discourse on asylum and migration the Bridge Radio aims to share information around the current developments related to asylum and migration, striving to spread the stories of resistance and struggles for the freedom of movement.

The Bridge Radio started in 2015 as a protest against the repressive migration regime in EU. Today, border and migration issues are visible in the public debate, but it is rarely presented from the perspective of those taking the journey or experiencing the asylum system themselves.

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