Pub Sandberg: How do You Live? X Pillow Streaming @

Pillow Streaming was a series of weekly marathon like streamings hosted from rooms of quarantined students from the Sandberg Instituut during the lockdown 2020 via A distant community was formed and nurtured being able to listen to each other, a different school arised when its walls disappeared.   How do You Live? Was streamed in … Read morePub Sandberg: How do You Live? X Pillow Streaming @

Dublin Digital Radio: Housing & Ideology

The Housing & Ideology Symposium at City Hall in Dublin, Ireland aimed to establish a forum for a myriad of voices to explore the experiences of living in an obedient city and point the way towards possible solutions. We attempted to understand what has brought us to this point and the role ideology has played … Read moreDublin Digital Radio: Housing & Ideology