The Bridge Radio – Our Movement is Loud

“Our Movement Is Loud” is an experimental radioplay in 4 channels. It was originally produced as part of the “Choreographies Of The Social” Exhibition in Stockholm in 2019. The play has been produced collectively by people with and without Danish citizenship. They are linked to each other through their experience of the asylum system in … Read moreThe Bridge Radio – Our Movement is Loud

Claiming*Spaces: Panel “Queering Norms”

This episode is featuring the panel “Queering Norms” at Claiming*Spaces Conference 2019 in Vienna. Who defines what ‘good’ architecture is? How can we reveal architecture’s self-defined objectivity and neutrality? Why not think of an (built) environment where there is room for all of us? Keynote Speakers: Katarina Bonnevier (Mycket, Stockholm)Ingrid Ruudi (Estonian Academy of Arts, … Read moreClaiming*Spaces: Panel “Queering Norms”

Nicolas Montgermont (∏node): A Winter of Protests

Last winter, France experienced the longest strike in its modern history. Launched in opposition to a pension reform project, the strikers’ demands very quickly joined the sectors already struggling in a deleterious socio-economic context: health, justice, university, transport, energy, arts, education and media converged in the streets with the  gilets jaunes  aka yellow vests that had … Read moreNicolas Montgermont (∏node): A Winter of Protests

Radio Corax: Struggling for Commons

This show sheds a view on transformations of public and shared spaces in Post-Socialist countries. It will explore how citizens experience ever-changing cities and present strategies of (re-)activating commons in the Ex-Yu Region and former Soviet Countries.  Featuring conversations with: –  Iva Čukić and Jovana Timotijević, co-publishers of “Spaces of Commoning. Urban Commons in the … Read moreRadio Corax: Struggling for Commons