SpaceShell 2TK4 / Podcast #1 by DAVA

  DAVA – music enthusiast, who has just cracked the music production process in Tbilisi. Having spent some time with the CES community, her current practice is defined by avant-garde Artists such as Katie Gately, Laurie Anderson, and Patty Smith.  The co-existence of storytelling, spoken word, and industrial sound is the idea she strives to … Read moreSpaceShell 2TK4 / Podcast #1 by DAVA

Radio ARCADA #8: Blixa Bargeld “Architecture as Instrument”

Why does architecture seem to be so present in Blixa’s music? From the south of Portugal, Mr. Bargeld tries to give answers to Arcada’s “little gentlemen” questions. What about the name of Bargeld’s band “Einstürzende Neubauten”? Understanding that Neubauten means “buildings after the second world war” and einstürzende is something like “collapsing”. The view of … Read moreRadio ARCADA #8: Blixa Bargeld “Architecture as Instrument”

Radio ARCADA #5: Camilo PALMA “Common Sounds from the Basement” [Spanish]

This edition is about music and architecture. An intimate and exclusive interview approaching the works of the young musician and architect Camilo Palma who is based in Santiago de Chile. A review of the relationship between music and architecture across the 20th century. Is there a possibility to compose new music? What about the sound … Read moreRadio ARCADA #5: Camilo PALMA “Common Sounds from the Basement” [Spanish]