Radio Panik x BNA-BBOT: Our common isolation

It’s a radioshow composed entirely with recordings made during the
Covid-19 lockdown, taken from our Brussels Soundmap.

For 60 minutes, we focus on sounds in public space during the Covid-19
lockdown. Now that the sound environment of our city has changed
drastically, our hearing also changes. We notice different things, we
discover other forms of life. Let’s travel around in the reduced volume
of a closed capital.

Thanks to the soundmap contributors: Nicolas Pommier, Rik De Bruycker,
Philippe Delchambre, Federica Palmieri, Simon Terre Solaire, Omar Hobo,
Flavien Gillié and Severine Irene V. Janssen

A creation from BNA-BBOT for the Oscillation Festival curated by q-o2.

Radio Panik