Radio Corax: Space Explorations

This show travels from sound design in public spaces to restrictive architecture and stops over at the soundscape of an important common space: the kitchen. Featuring:– ‘Strange Radio, Episode 1: Transmission’ by Karen Werner– ‘Collective Space – Portrait of a Shared Kitchen’ by Amira Klute– Kees Went on Urban Sound Design– ‘Sound design for a … Read moreRadio Corax: Space Explorations

radio in between spaces: ribs#02 – Franziska Windisch & Davide Tidoni

“Canta Che Non Passa” – our singing will stop the train. Franziska Windisch speaks with Davide Tidoni about his recordings of protest songs of an informal choir that is part of the NOTAV movement in Valsusa, northern Italy.Sonic Perspectives from the Global South. Sounding Hospitalities. Time, Sound and Emancipatory Practices. Radio as Activism. International sound … Read moreradio in between spaces: ribs#02 – Franziska Windisch & Davide Tidoni

Nicolas Montgermont (∏node): A Winter of Protests

Last winter, France experienced the longest strike in its modern history. Launched in opposition to a pension reform project, the strikers’ demands very quickly joined the sectors already struggling in a deleterious socio-economic context: health, justice, university, transport, energy, arts, education and media converged in the streets with the  gilets jaunes  aka yellow vests that had … Read moreNicolas Montgermont (∏node): A Winter of Protests